Hi, I’m Hadaya Turner.

I design experiences…
Creative Director
is a cool title.*

*Driven by the mantra to Live Learn & Explore, I’m constantly cultivating new passions and relationships. I use these connections to create memorable experiences for a range of clients within the worlds of entertainment, media, and fashion. I enjoy the collaboration and the unique process that each project requires, whether it be video, installations, or live events.



With a balance of imagination and practicality, I focus on designing interactive experiences rather than just a room. I build renders from full stages to custom set pieces and make sure the layout, decor, graphics, and lighting all contribute towards the most immersive environment possible.

This is where it all began once I fell into the world of music videos over 10 years ago. The art of combining media, animation, and design to either subtly enhance an element or splash a message across the scene is still just as thrilling today. Main points of expertise include compositing, digital retouching, color, and 2D/ 3D animation. Projects range from designing graphics packages to holograms.

Identifying the best approach for a project always begins with a conversation with my clients. I get to know who they are, learn what they value, and ask about their goals. After extensively researching the subject and dissecting client-provided material, brainstorming begins. This process can happen singularly or collectively, but it always involves pushing boundaries, aiming for simplicity, and respecting budgets and timelines. Pitches range in form from mood boards, decks, treatments and renders.

A good story sticks and must be worth the viewer’s time. As I structure sequences, I aim to remain conversational, focused, and open to change. From storyboards to edits, I find unique methods to establish meaningful connections with the audience.

From logos to packaging, my design objectives are consistent. Language must be visually recognizable and aligned with the client’s roots and core values. Branding must be transformable beyond the client’s immediate plans. Designs should allow for growth alongside the client. The best branding is simple, clean, and meaningful.


  • AMC Networks
  • BET Digital
  • Blue Flame
  • Comedy Central
  • Conde Nast Entertainment
  • Dazian Creative Environments
  • Gillette
  • Good Company
  • GQ
  • GRAMMY Foundation
  • Gucci
  • Interscope Records
  • LEGS Media
  • Maker Studios
  • Mustache Agency
  • NBTV Productions
  • Oxygen Network
  • Parkwood Entertainment
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Roc Nation
  • Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Universal Music Group
  • Vox Media