A live audience late-night talk show with a modern twist, host Peter Rosenberg sits down with contemporary figures for panel discussions and one-on-one interviews to discuss music, pop culture, and current events.


Senior Art & Scenic Director


The show’s first season was extremely bare-bones, and the positive response from viewers proved that the show was worth investing more in. While planning for the next season, Sole Collector met with the Art team to strategize ways to increase brand identity, promote Trinidad James as the new co-host, and make the hosts feel more at home on set. This lead to the complete re-designed of the space.This was Complex’s first late-night show and host Peter Rosenberg’s first video debut. It was key to nail a modern design that would appeal to the target demographic (males 16-22) while taking into account the classic late-night show format, the record store inspiration, and the desire for an honest space that didn’t feel forced.


Our first focus was creating the fake exterior with a shutter gate and neon sign, which gave the illusion of being inside a record store and looking out onto the street. With this concept anchoring the center of the studio, it guided the rest of the set design, as well as the branding.

The foundation of the set was built on 3 cornerstones: a throwback to old record stores, a late night show format, and Peter Rosenberg, an established radio DJ. The studio was split into 3 zones: monologue, panel, and one-on-ones. Each zone was given its own character to establish a certain vibe but we wove in common elements to keep with the underlying theme.

Ex. The crate tables in the panel area mirror the record crates in the one-on-one zone.

Challenge: Making the set tactile and authentic.

We wanted to establish a physical environment that guests could interact and connect with. Rather than rely on monitors to create an artificial world, we sourced props and authentic memorabilia to add instant history and give a lived-in feel to the space.

Challenge: Avoiding the typical late-night show look.

Although following the late-night show concept, we had neither the budget nor the desire to follow in the footsteps of the typical set design (shiny floors, dramatic drapes, a host’s desk on a platform far from the live audience). We wanted to create the antithesis of this. The set design and branding needed to meld the analog and digital worlds together in a creative, cohesive, and budget-friendly way.

Challenge: Creating a functional, breathable space.

To work with the various show segments, we designed a flexible space that could transform to accommodate monologues to musical performances while still providing a positive experience for the live audience. Guests also felt comfortable enough to move around freely and explore the space.

Minimal set for field shoots

Complexcon 2018 – Long Beach


Open Late premiered on April 12, 2018. After a successful first season, we fine-tuned the set to further enhance the experience for the host, guests, and viewers. Enhancements included tricks such as scanning and repurposing guest signatures to tag up the DJ booth. The show launched into Season 2 on August 8, 2018, reaching 1 million views for an episode shortly after.