Full size run

During this series, hosts sit down with hypebeast insiders to discuss the week’s sneaker news, and rate the latest releases.


Senior Art & Scenic Director


The show’s first season was extremely bare-bones, and the positive response from viewers proved that the show was worth investing more in. While planning for the next season, Sole Collector met with the Art team to strategize ways to increase brand identity, promote Trinidad James as the new co-host, and make the hosts feel more at home on set. This lead to the complete re-designed of the space.


Our approach was based on two central themes: minimal sneaker store X gallery. Replacing the pre-existing monitor walls with physical elements adds dimension to the space, and encourages the interaction of hosts with the environment. The mainly monochromatic set preserves the attention of the hosts’ gear, and it allows the vibrant array of curated hypebeast collectables to shine.

Minimal set for field shoots

Complexcon 2018 – Long Beach


On August 23, 2018, FSR premiered its new look. The show rebrand has been met with praise from viewers, it offers supporting artists a platform to showcase work, and it has made the hosts’ experience significantly more enjoyable.