A short explainer video written and produced for The Verge about the newest product from the SUBPAC developers – a wearable bass backpack.


Art Director


Attracted by the parallels between my latest explainer video for The Verge (“Why People Love Bass”) and their newest
wearable technology, SUBPAC approached me to create a short product introduction video for the Verge audience.


SUBPAC sent my team a kit for us to familiarize ourselves with the product. I also met with brand ambassadors to gain insights into company goals, target demographics, and why the M2 was created. This information was used to develop the script. After organizing the conversation into moments that would be best explained using captured footage, animation, or sourced content, I created a shot list.

Shooting locations were split between the recording studio and NYC’s Bryant Park area. The recording studio was the ideal set for beauty shots, with added background texture from studio equipment, and controlled moody lighting. The outdoor shots were used to demonstrate product mobility. The festive and communal energy of the holiday season worked well to contrast the cool solitude of the user experience.

Challenge: Balancing the desires of SUBPAC with the integrity of unbiased reporting

By focusing on benefits and creating a strong narrative around the user experience, The Verge gained a strong holiday review video with just under 200k views and SUBPAC saw an increase in product interest.

Challenge: Creating visuals for abstract facts

I used motion graphics to enhance and clarify some of the more abstract concepts discussed in the video. This made the explainer easy to understand on a broader level, and helped introduce a relatively niche product to a wider audience.


“SUBPAC M2 Review” was published on December 30, 2015, on The Verge’s channel, it was used as a promotional piece on SUBPAC’s site, and continues to be posted as it coincides with related news updates.